An illustrational book concept about a theory & phenomenon called

“a knowledge gatherer”.

#Singularities #Black Holes also called “Societies a drift in space”

On Earth this “phenomenon” is shaped as being a singularity

A general understanding about what shapes a singularity on (a place called) Earth is in the period this article is written (the year 2020) at a minimalistic level. This realization (new belief) will (publically) increase (integrate) within 10 to 8 years into society.

Hearing renounced scientists such as Ray Kurzweil talk about similar phenomenon such as a Singularities coming forth from (i.a.) technological revolutions confirms own (personal) suspicions of such possible structures forming & existing within the universe.

Gravity i.e. Data is at the center of these phenomenon.

That (a) singularity would take place on Earth within now & not so relatively long is something that goes hand in hand with the way the implementation of The Longevity Escape Philosophy is interpreted by the collective individual(s) in the possible the near future.

The above stated implementation has something to do with the right of confidence the individual may or may not have right now referring to the (external) organizations which develop, produce & make available vaccines (i.a.).

This is why President Reagan (i.a.) has implemented rules & regulations during his office that pronounce inoculations personal injury.

The above adaptation & (temporary) addition stated by former president Reagon in regards to the societal structure of America prevents a singularity from forming “too fast” within that geographical area making sure information can be gathered first before everything is absorbed as data..

Riddle: Why do all immortals turn philanthropic?

Written by Rob Helmink

Published by fecd32

#version #000000 #moresoon


“What do you need to take your place within the Singularity?”

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