Information Harvester

“Information Harvester”

A book concept about a fantasy theory film script in the making that names females as Information Harvesters.

Where woman in a way have the ability to semi-independently (by choice) “compress data” into functioning “units” (babies) independently “using” willing males with certain (chosen) character trades to “shape” reality prosperety into a (collective) (long- & short term) vision of themselves & (possibly) partner(s) by “creating” (slightly) different copies of themselves with certain trades.

Following this theory males are generally “chosen” to (also) raise children, however the assistance of males in the upbringing is not necessary persé & is (only) a way behavior is generally “shaped” by (most) societal structures on Earth (right now).

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Source Artwork

Written by Rob Helmink

Published by fecd32


“What do you need to find (a) suitable partner(s)?”

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