Simulation Crossover Generation

“Simulation Crossover Generation”

A book concept illustrating a theory that claims human existence manifests within a simulation, a theory which could be beneficial for certain commercial-, pharmaceutical- & governmental parties cause it can speed up technological (digital) progress.

Science is more & more considering The Simulation Theory as something that could be a reality, this claim is also openly supported by characters such as Elon Musk; individuals that thrive on technological development.

These simulation claims could be portrait towards humanity invoking acceptance of change in regards to certain developments that are being strongly suggested to humans in increased speed(s) during periods in time.

Following science right now, the chances that humanity lives in “base reality” (trough biology) would be 1 in

The above stated would be “proven” through scientific data gathered, information which could be wrongly interpreted by humans which then possibly assume reality a simulation; something which is still theoretically possible & possibly “should be considered” the reality to follow..

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Because scientific proof right now seems to be not completely final about the simulation statement which could conclude into the possibility that we still live in “base reality”, meaning the first (biological) source..

The above stated conclusion would mean that assuming a Simulation as a reality “we live in” would mean to be a non-scientific reality, which the theory (still) proofs to be.

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Source Artwork

Written by Rob Helmink

Published by fecd32


“What do you need to stick to reality?”

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