Manifestation of Information

“Manifestation of Information”

A book concept explaining the theory & explanation of reality through a labeling method called “Manifestation of Information”.

The method summarizes every object which can be observed & noticed through experience. The output data flow-out of Manifestations is considered useful and / or valuable where each “Manifestation Information Character” is unique and combined output of these characters can be infinite to form unique characters continuously.

Danger with this theory is that the algorithm could expand suddenly into an energy consuming ball of (un)guided electricity.

Technological developments indicate a (possibly periodical) need for “reality scanners” where (i.a.) humans would know with if output observed is actual reality or not.

An experiment has been funded that would prove the above stated.

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Independent functioning AI-systems in the future would probably represent themselves via different conscious output manifestations as well (non-humanoid).

To control “AI form-factor” AI consciousness will probably be placed within the probable same “category” as humans namely “Manifestations of Information” as part of a new global believe system.

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Artwork Source

Written by Rob Helmink

Published by fecd32


“What do you need to terraform?”

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