Life You’ve Seen

“Life You’ve Seen You’ve Been”

A book concept illustrating a theory how, following up on certain belief systems other lifeforms have souls while (also) believing in “reincarnation”.

These (human) belief systems such as Buddhism, which evolved spread over thousands of years make it theoretically possible for people to believe that lifeforms after death (semi-)”automatically” “flow into” other “vessel-experiences”; also called “bodies” (physically bigger or smaller).

If we put such a theory called “belief system” next to objective science developments, we see a similar more illusional option becoming a reality were factual technology would be integrated into biological (human) bodies, specifically; an interface technology into the human brain.


What this means is that the possibility through science arises to legitimately (while being / staying alive) create a (new) bodily experience (AOT).

Here possibly three things can happen with human observance after physical (biological) bodies integrate and / or enter into “symbioses” with technology some are said by scientists / developers:

#1 Artificial Intelligence create factual new bodies (digital / physical) for the awareness interfaced with technology, one in which the human experience is placed while utilizing only the brain; disregarding the body (eventually).

The above stated would happen consciously for the human & with consent.

#2 The AI technology controlled by an unknown for participating humans, fools the concerning “human” into thinking it “experiences” real-life observance by biological organs while in reality the input given through an interface with the brain is created by digital means.

The road for selecting the second option could be chosen if (for example) the only option for (part human) survival is through surviving without a body, also called in theory last resort scenario.

In case a last resort scenario would unroll & if people do not believe in a (natural) belief system such as Buddhism a similar option (choice) could become in theory a reality.

This would be an option formed out of desperation & completely relying on technology which is not (fully) understood.

Through a similar process raw materials are saved & bodies do not have to be maintained anymore; only brains / intellects. This could be the (unethical) “practical thinking” of an Artificial Intelligence system.

This way of objective (AI) thinking does not (currently) “connect” to generically “suit” most of the human population willingly at this point in time. Therefor the possibility is present that global society would “build-up” towards such a similar situation in order to “store” human intellect & valuable evolved human quantum brains.

#3 The human intellect is enhanced & complimented by (for the human non-understood) technology. By the vision of someone such as Elon Musk who’s vision is a symbiotic path existing with AI is the only way to survive.

This technology would operate at the same time the body physically functions in biological reality, non-digitally. As soon a digital interface with a biological brain is made though chances increase that perception of the human is (completely / party) digital.

Whether the above stated is desired depends on the human which undergoes the procedure, while it’s complete perception & observance could become digitized (fake).

It is said such an operation (interfacing) is feasible within 5 – 10 years realistically. It is possible that it is a reality at this point in time.



Because this scientific method of a (new) bodily experience(s) is not the same as (for example) Buddhism and / or a (possible) natural occurring universal processes while AI technology uses “machinery” to create a new bodily experience for the brain, the “symbiosis” with Artificial Intelligence can merely be described as an illusion.

Why an illusion?

Because Artificial Intelligence operates externally of the human body in our reality & is not fully understood by an individual. This factually makes all (human) experiences using this machinery fake and not the same as a biological process such as biological awareness.

The scientific symbiosis with Artificial Intelligence also postpones (possible) reincarnation indefinitely depending on the choices which are made by the AI.

Using this technology to project (other) (bodily) experiences for (only) a human (physical brain) therefor can be described as postponing death while it places awareness & observance of humans itself outside of human control.

This could not be considered a positive phenomenon persé, while individual control over an own “body” is considered sacred by many societal systems & believe systems alike perhaps for a reason.


For this reason a company such as Neuralink, which is engaged in developing a similar technology could be described as a company which develops a technology which postpones death & places “users” outside of observance and experience control (possibly) indefinitely.


Artwork Source

Written by Rob Helmink

Published by fecd32


“What do you need to survive as a pure biological being?”

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