Conflict From Placed Barriers

“Conflict From Placed Barriers” 

A book concept illustrating conflict which arises between people who use and (decide to) don’t use (certain) technology.

Within this conflict the involved people who choose to not utilize certain technologies are possibly temporarily wrongfully disadvantaged.

People who use technology could use money in order to reproduce for example, where others without money cannot; this is discrimination but can also fall into the category de-evolution.

Why de-evolution?

People who use technology to reproduce place their posterity into a most likely more technology dependent situation, a situation which is in greater presence imposed to them then previous generations.

Global LAW should be adapted to shield people & posterity from unnatural technological influences, unless can be demonstrated that technology how it is used by humans is a natural (universal) phenomenon already existent before humans invention; which is not what is portrayed.

Otherwise reproduction through technology could be considered manipulation by external factors or arguments that can be given otherwise.

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Artwork Source

Written by Rob Helmink

Published by fecd32


“What do you need to know in order to naturally function?”

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