Human Society & AI Integration

Published on November 9, 2018

Latest Updated Version | Oktober 2th, 2021

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As a Nerd, Techie & Internet Development Observant I look at certain technological developments that are strikingly related & I collected information with which to sketch interim conclusions that possibly are important.

Following trends & prediction by several pronounced scientists such as Michio Kaku, automatons (robots) will look 100% similar to humans by the year 2028 (“officially”); I personally would not be surprised if (100%) likeness to humans is already achieved.

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Looking at the above stated claims a possible “Societal Adapted Awareness Mindset” could be necessary in order to (as a human) literally live coexist in a world with independant interacting “AI Entities” in it, people living in a society therefor have to be made aware to be “mentally ready” to interact on different levels with deviating forms of intelligence.


Integration & global build-up to believe, acceptance & habituation of Digital Fysically Extravagant Intelligent Beings is growing within our society; hence (sudden) (artificial caused) increase of energy demands within certain countries caused by certain Digital Population Explosions.

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The above stated conclusion can be drawn from the first robot citizenship(s) issued within Saudi Arabiรซ (Oktober 2017), Sophia. Therefor today, “AI consciousness” already issues a growing added layer of digital population via Earth’s resources increasing local energy consumption.

.. control issued via more & more “AI citizens” & AI ownership(s).

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It is imaginable that (digital) human like automatons are a way through citizenship’s to influence (physical) societal change. Decisions concerning increasingly bigger groups of people through (more & more) AI voting procedures.

Therefor a (further) increase of energy consumption is predicted to drive (more & more) AI Systems.

TED talk Elon Reeve Musk:

Hence the reason why the people themselves need to be able to decide to whom this (responsible) power & control flows, where (now) in countries such as Saudi Arabiรซ robots (AI’s) are (undemocratically) given the same rights as humans and are customized by (mostly) Commercialists..

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Because these “integration activities” are (now) being performed in relative (commercial global) disguise, I cannot say that I am (at this point) an advocate of People Replacement by machines & AI citizenship(s) issued without the consult with the utmost relevant human population itself..

A global voting system for (only) humans is therefor necessary solely for the purpose of integrating AI entities into human society carefully & Democratically. This is important so AI entities (owned by Commercialists) will not bother or obstruct Biological beings..

Additional reasoning why a voting procedure could be important, an AI explains:

Personally, I perceive AI citizenships in Saudi Arabiรซ as an experiment & do not expect further expansion of this undemocratic development. To make sure, it is important for governments & people alike to track (all) given AI citizenships..

People have to at least be able to anonymously vote Yes / No / Don’t know in regards to certain types of AI entities who’s creators want them to be integrated within society. through an App of some sort..

It could be argued that the AI revolution is evolution.. this argument would mean that humans that agree with this statement can lay on their back, display submissive behavior & accept every societal change in complete uncertainty.. this is unwanted in my opinion.

What it can also mean, is that the human race is relatively uninformed therefor unaware & (right now) therefor too unresilliant in regards to developments pointing to undemocratic use of AI technology.

This could change by globally informing people properly, prior & more structurally in regards to AI integration, giving people effectively increased individual influence through the option to vote on certain (categories) or individual entities of AI integrated into society..

Summary – AI Integration

AI owners & developers with commercial & “selfish” goals will (in undemocratic area’s) gain rapid (global) control if current developments continue to be unmonitored. Monitoring must happen by all individual (global) human civilians.

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If AI citizenships are going to be issued in more & more countries through an undemocratic, uninformative & relative unfair manner, it would effect free will in regards to the individual human being significantly. This would increase overtime.

People with more money than others will be able to boot-up (relatively) more AI’s with citizenships, creating an unfair power distribution. After all, “owning” & developing AI entities gives you more control through given citizenships.

The above stated development will grow cumulatively if the development is left (relatively) unchecked by individuals..

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For entertaining & educational purposes I wish to conclude this article with a DeepFace video created by an AI through human initiative (as always)..

.. thank you for your attention & have a pleasant day ๐Ÿ™‚

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