What is it?

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Collectively Improved Sources

fecd32 is an initiative which publishes & improves Pods which are accessible only for entities who via digital means are given access by the owner and / or admin(s) of the concerning Pods.

A Pod linked via fecd32 is comparable with (for example) a Facebook Group, only more secure & private without in it’s essence any commercial message.

fecd32’s purpose is being a medium of supplying Linked Data through Pods informing about intrinsic value(s) & factual information.

Pods available via fecd32 therefor are filled with existent information & sources that are collectively improved continuously.

Information exchanged & stored via Pods utilized via LinkedIn (example) is privately shared among members of the concerning Pods only, not within complete private networks of Pod members within the platforms.

The (group) chat options within the concerning (LinkedIn) Pods offered via fecd32 offer an extra advantage in gathering up-to-date information, leaving your initial own build private network out of the discussions; something which is interesting.

Also, the combining of (private) chatrooms filling them with selective groups of people of the same interest through LinkedIn Engagement Group groups could be an additional value.

The data shared via the Pods is relatively save depending on the parties (members) which openly are given access & successively are (un)acknowledged permission to utilize and add to the data within the Pods.

Each source improvement must be approved by the admin(s) of the group(s) mentioned via www.fecd32.com

It is one of the goals of fecd32 to keep fake accounts / members within “owned” pods at 0%. If fakery is suspected members can report them, after which these digital characters will be (re)checked by admins of the concerning Pods & when necessary ejected from the concerning Pod(s).


Pods gain a lot of popularity lately because quick (group) interaction between members is possible about subjects which members are intrinsically interested in. The group interaction through Pods within (for example) the LinkedIn network goes through an accelerated development lately.

This development makes users (members) experience an ever increasing more user-friendly & relatively save also private communication experience, which they get use to; which makes pod-evolution interesting.

Why Pods?

When entities subscribe to a Pod they become members and gain the benefit of updates & notifications about the concerning subject categoriy which could fall within an intrinsic (professional) interest more & more through #pod & #notification #selection

When members choose Pod categories which supplement their intrinsic (business) interests, more specific knowledge can be acquired by these entities via short digital shortcuts & direct links through fast community interaction in regards to for example upcoming particularized global & local developments which fecd32 followers & members find interest.

Therefor, people that utilize options Pods via fecd32 offer can possibly adapt quicker & more accurate in regards to future events..


An example of similar programming & architecture to Pods, which describes the selective access functionality, can be similarly observed making use of the computer-aided program Little Snitch #mac #pc

Supplement to Sources

Members, Admins & Owners of Pods are able to contribute & improve sources submitted. The result is that sources within the concerning Pods become more & more accurate as well as precise through collective intrinsic (professional) thought.

Pods Available

Currently the below stated Pods are available for LinkedIn members to join via fecd32.

👥 ♻️ 🌐 🌱 🏥 👟 📅 📺 🔬 📱 🔎 🚖 💻 ☁️ 🔧 🌎 🎥 🎨 🎶 🏠 👍 📈 📰 🔒 🔥 🚀 🚗 ✉️ ✏️ 🍇 💡 💾 👾 💧 📚 🎓 ✈️ 🎮 ☎️ ☀️

Pods from Solid of Inrupt, Inc. can be expected soon via fecd32. These pods are the follow-up of the internet by the inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee.

Solid is a similar concept of Linked Data compared to LinkedIn Pods, yet it has a different kind of security level & public accessibility. Through the eyes of a general user Solid (right now) is found less user-friendly then the business platform LinkedIn, the user-friendliness of Solid though is expected to increase relatively fast the upcoming period.

Solid on LinkedIn

“What do you think you can learn moving through a digital secure collective?”